Arond Media offers the following products and services:

1. Production:

POS: pens, lighters, key chains, desk sets, desk objects.
Printing: calendars, flyers, brochures, posters, catalogues.
Video: presentation movies, TV commercials.

2. Public Relations:

Events: catering, ornamentation, media, hosting, entertainment, press conference etc.
BTL: sampling, product presentation, POS distribution etc.
Press Contact: press conference, initiating and maintaining local and national media contact;

3. Media:

We offer advertising slots to the local and national media: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines.

4. Outdoor:

Billboards, totems, rooftops, mesh, etc.
We negotiate and obtain legal forms for any outdoor campaign.
Inscription and decoration: cars, showroom windows, advertising cases etc.

5. Concepts:

Image creation.